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The Center for Internet Competition and Free Speech funds litigation to protect basic rights of free expression, petition, and association. We are on the frontlines of the fight against social media censorship. We also fight against the Big Tech Silicon Valley conglomerates that threaten to destroy our cherished values of freedom of expression and freedom of thought.

Meet the Team


Noah Peters, Executive Director


Noah Peters is an experienced First Amendment litigator. He is currently litigating a major free speech challenge to Twitter’s censorship policies, successfully defeating Twitter’s motion to dismiss the case.


Mr. Peters has successfully represented hundreds of clients in discrimination suits. He also has experience litigating free speech claims in the employment context and has written and given presentations in this area.

Articles on Free Speech

Trump Be Warned: Google Is Not Great

Noah Peters | Attorney

Two tweets from President Trump have recently caused a stir across the tech world. Last Thursday, the president tweeted against Twitter’s shadow-banning of conservatives as a “discriminatory and illegal practice.” A week earlier, he praised Google as “one of our great companies” in response to the European …

Yelp’s Fight Against Google’s Search Monopoly Can Promote Competition In The Marketplace Of Ideas

Noah Peters | Attorney

Google’s competitors are finally beginning to take a stand against the search and advertising monopoly. The local search engine and review site Yelp just filed an antitrust complaint in Europe. As The Daily Caller reported last …

Online Sex Trafficking Act Victory Shows Big Tech’s Secretive Lobbying Tactics No Longer Work

Noah Peters | Attorney

On Wednesday, the Senate passed the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA). This law revokes the complete immunity for websites and apps which knowingly enable and from sex …

Twitter Censorship Should TERRIFY Everyone

Noah Peters | Attorney

In today’s America, Twitter drives much of the news cycle and much of the political debate. It is, as the Supreme Court described it, the “modern public square.” Every member of Congress now has a Twitter account, as does every state’s governor. A modern political candidate cannot win without a Twitter presence.

Google’s Monopoly Threatens Economic And Political Competitors

Noah Peters | Attorney

Two days after the 2016 election, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet, lamented how the “rise of misinformation and the ability to flood with digital information really can produce bad outcomes.” He continued, “How people get their information, what they believe,

Candeub and Peters: ‘We Cannot Let Big Tech Censorship Destroy Political Debate,’ Lawyers Suing Twitter Over

Adam Candeub and Noah Peters

In December of last year, Twitter announced a rule banning accounts of individuals or organizations that are “affiliated with a violent extremist group that do, it appears to have been applied only to right-wing and conservative users.

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